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“We are disturbed by escalating violence over the past weeks and months in the Indonesian provinces of Papua and West Papua and the increased risk of renewed tension and violence”, Ravina Shamdasani, spokesperson for the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), said in a statement.,zico campeonato brasileiro,Special Representative Virginia Gamba presented her latest report to the UN Human Rights Council, which shows COVID-19 response has made these children more vulnerable to grave violations.   ,Ms. Bachelet appealed to authorities on 3 June, calling for action taken to stop the spread of false information, to adhere to the principles of legality, necessity, proportionality..

“Ensuring that human rights are respected across their own activities and value chains, is the most significant contribution most companies can make towards sustainable development,” he added.  ,Ms. Lawlor and Irene Khan, Special Rapporteur on the right to freedom of opinion and expression, underscored that Poland must investigate all harassment allegations and grant border access to journalists and humanitarian workers so they can do their jobs freely and safely. ,During the press conference, and in response to questions from journalists the OHCHR official touched on issues of concern related to states of emergency or exceptional measures in some 20 countries, noting “there are probably several dozen more that we could have highlighted.”,cbtf betting com.

zico campeonato brasileiro

UN experts addressed the scourge in an open letter last month, warning that hate speech, both online and offline has “exacerbated societal and racial tensions, inciting attacks with deadly consequences around the world” and highlighted the correlation between exposure to hate speech and number of crimes committed as a result.,cbtf aslam betting tips,Eleven government officials who had criticised the President in an open letter, along with 10 independent journalists, were arrested in 2001 – silencing public political discourse and the independent press – setting off a period of sweeping oppression throughout the country..

The three UN experts who issued the statement are: Michael Lynk, Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territory; Irene Khan, Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of expression, and Clément Nyaletsossi Voule, Special Rapporteur on rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and of association.  ,Addressing concerns from countries including Belgium about suspects being held without charge - a practice known as “arraigo” in Spanish - Ambassador Cabanas confirmed that it was only applied in exceptional cases to combat organized crime, and that its use had diminished “significantly” since Mexico’s last country review in 2013.,cbtf betting com,“Connected classrooms mean school no longer ends once a student leaves class, and, unfortunately, neither does schoolyard bullying”, said UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore. “Improving young people’s education experience means accounting for the environment they encounter online as well as offline.”.

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Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare indicated on its website that 46,386 workers were employed at Fukushima during 2016; and the Radiation Worker Central Registration Centre of Japan showed that as many as 76,951 decontamination workers were hired in the five-year period up to 2016.,Bullying must be addressed because it significantly effects children’s mental health, quality of life and academic achievement, the report states.,The appeal on Wednesday by Special Rapporteur on human rights and toxics, Baskut Tuncak, follows a UN panel report on alleged human rights violations by the United Nations peacekeeping mission in Kosovo, UNMIK..

zico campeonato brasileiro,Michelle Bachelet has issued a statement calling on governments to step up action against these crimes, improve access to justice and reparations for victims, and institute prompt criminal investigations and prosecutions for those responsible. ,“The global war on drugs has disproportionately targeted people of African descent and disregarded the massive costs to the dignity, humanity and freedom of individuals,” they stressed, ahead of a high-level meeting in Vienna of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs, which will review the Political Declaration and Plan of Action to combat the illegal trade in drugs..

“For the elections to be peaceful, they must be preceded by a ceasefire and cooperation among all sides,” said Yao Agbetse, Independent Expert on the situation of human rights in the Central African Republic. “Time is running short and there is much to be done in the four months before polling day.”,Ms. Bennoune is to present a comprehensive report, and recommendations, to a future session of the UN Human Rights Council.,“Nobody should be subjected to administrative or criminal sanctions for taking part in a peaceful protest, even if the regime governing protests requires an authorization”, said the three Special Rapporteurs..

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Highlighting her role as the first leader of UN Women, between 2010 and 2013, he said she gave “that new entity a dynamic and inspiring start”. He also pointed to her remarkable career as “the first woman to serve as the country’s President, but also as a survivor of brutality by the authorities targeting her and her family, many decades ago”.,cbtf aslam betting tips,Many of those falling prey to traffickers are migrants, including refugees and asylum seekers who have left their country of origin for various reasons; including conflict, natural disaster, persecution or extreme poverty..

Sponsored by several European Union countries, along with Kuwait, Qatar and Turkey, the text expressed concern for ongoing fighting in Syria’s north-west, adding that more than five million Syrians have “particularly acute” needs and over one million people remain in hard-to-reach areas “where freedom of movement, access to humanitarian aid and services remain very restricted”.,She also reminded all parties to the conflict – “including all States conducting operations against ISIL” - that they had an obligation under humanitarian international law to protect civilians and civilian infrastructure at all times.,cbtf betting com,Minutes after she was approved, UN chief Antonio Guterres told reporters he was “delighted” by the news of her official appointment, describing Ms. Bachelet, a “pioneer”, has been “as formidable a figure in her native Chile, as she has at the United Nations”..

It is made up of 18 members who are independent human rights experts from across the world, who serve in their personal capacity and not as representatives of any States that are party to the treaty.  ,cbtf betting com,Eleven government officials who had criticised the President in an open letter, along with 10 independent journalists, were arrested in 2001 – silencing public political discourse and the independent press – setting off a period of sweeping oppression throughout the country.,My grandfather was a veteran who had fought in the First and the Second World Wars, and he told me that I should read those comic books with fahamu, which is the Kiswahili word for consciousness..

Also on Monday, UN independent human rights experts on the right to freedom of expression and on the rights situation in Myanmar denounced Mr. Oo and Mr. Maung’s convictions, calling it “a dark moment for Myanmar.”,These comments echo those of UN Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights, Andrew Gilmour. In an interview with UN News last November, he said there was “far too much secrecy, and it’s quite indicative of the fact that although many countries are giving up the practice, those that retain it, nevertheless feel that they have something to hide.”,Ms. Bachelet declared that the UN Human Rights Office will support this transition, for the human rights of all the people of Sudan: “We have witnessed with admiration the persistence of the women, men and youth in Sudan in asserting their human rights. The road ahead promises to be full of challenges, but we are ready to assist to ensure human rights permeate the transition”.,cbtf aslam betting tips.

Roma settlements were set on fire and residents intimidated, assaulted, and forced to leave their homes. The UN experts state that the perpetrators were members of extreme right-wing groups, such as the so-called “Sich-C14” and the “National Brigades”.,poppy playtime mobile,The rights expert urged UN Member States to implement laws banning the import of goods produced in illegal settlements located in any occupied territory. ,The crimes for which they were being tried included murder, rape and persecution..

“Many are unable to sustain basic livelihoods, access their property, civil documentation, bank accounts, or access inheritance due in part to persisting discriminatory laws and practices pre-dating the conflict,” said Ms. Bachelet. ,Prior to officially presenting the Human Rights Council with the report next week, assistant rights chief Andrew Gilmour said: “The cases of reprisals and intimidation detailed in this report and its two annexes represent the tip of the iceberg,” adding that “many more are reported to us.”,They should also respect everyone’s fundamental right to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression, he continued, adding that the UN rights chief wished to remind them that the “excessive, disproportionate or indiscriminate use of force is clearly and unequivocally prohibited under international law”.,cbtf betting com.

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Nyon Chea, now 92, who was deputy leader during the brutal extremist regime of Pol Pot, and former head of state Khieu Samphan, 87, were charged with exterminating Cham Muslim and ethnic Vietnamese communities, between April 1975 and January 1979.,Iranian authorities have denied the summary executions and enforced disappearances at the heart of the case, which civil society organisations believe involved several thousand political prisoners.,The experts also said that they have previously expressed their grave concerns, and urged greater press freedom after the journalists’ detention..

zico campeonato brasileiro,The political activist and journalist, was convicted of killing police officer Daniel Faulkner, in Philadelphia, in 1981. He denies the charges. ,“We also urge the Government to refrain from engaging in practices of criminalisation against human rights defenders and other activists, including through the inappropriate use of national security and counter-terrorism legislation,” said the independent experts, requesting that full access into detention centres and other locations be granted to human rights groups so they can continue assessing the situation in the country..

The team of professionals are formally known as the Independent Investigative Mechanism for Myanmar, (IIMM) or Myanmar Mechanism, and was created in 2018 by the Human Rights Council. ,“The United Nations is committed to working with girls so that this generation, whoever they are and whatever their circumstances, can fulfil their potential”, Mr. Guterres assured. ,OHCHR also encouraged the national Human Rights Commission to play an independent and proactive role. .

Journalists are ofen murdered for their reporting on politics, crime and corruption, and this is reflected in the study, which reveals that, in the past two years (2017-2018), more than half of journalist fatalities were in non-conflict zones.,“Behind each urgent action request, there is a human tragedy. The whole family of the victim suffers from the absence of their loved one and from the uncertainty as to whether the victim is still alive. As time passes, the chance of finding the person alive reduces and the grievance increases”, Committee members said. ,In a decision published on Wednesday, the Human Rights Committee – an independent expert body that monitors States’ compliance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights – said that Italy failed to respond promptly to various distress calls from the sinking boat, which was carrying more than 400 adults and children. .

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“As I have called for many times before, there must be appropriate investigations into the actions of Israeli security forces,” said Ms. Bachelet. ,On a rotational basis each four and a half years, all UN Member States undergo an interactive review of their human rights situation – treating all countries equally and allowing them to exchange best practices. ,On 13 February, three other individuals were hanged after being convicted of the 2013 killing a police officer, General Nabil Farrag, according to the UN human rights office..

zico campeonato brasileiro,The poet’s detention takes place against a backdrop of restrictions to artistic and other forms of expression as well as to the right to participate in the country’s cultural life.,Agnes Callamard, UN Special Rapporteur on summary executions, called for greater support on Tuesday, to countries and communities where these sites are located to ensure they are treated with respect, and in accordance with human rights standards. .

Now, according to the experts, these children may be working longer hours or under worsening conditions as a result of the economic recession and school closures caused by the pandemic.   ,The agencies’ leaders said that to attack the most vulnerable – babies, children, pregnant women, and those suffering from illness and disease, as well as health workers risking their safety to save lives – is “an act of unconscionable cruelty”.,The experts said that Mr. Djalali’s “is not an isolated incident” in Iran, despite limitations to the use of solitary confinement under domestic law.  .

People with the condition are born with lighter than normal skin, hair and eye colour, making them sensitive to the sun and bright light.  In some communities, they are attacked or even killed for their body parts which are erroneously believed to possess magical powers.,“Powerful global movements against racism are shifting the status quo”, the UN right chief said, pointing to the “worldwide protests against racism and racial discrimination” prompted by the murder of George Floyd in 2020, as a “testimony to the power of people and solidarity.”,At a regular press briefing on Tuesday, Rupert Colville, spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, (OHCHR), quoted Agnes Callamard, the UN Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial Executions, in saying, "they came at the end of a process which was neither fair nor just, or transparent"..