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Of particular concern is the situation of Yemen’s children – one in four are out of school, not only deprived of education but also at risk of recruitment by armed groups and exploitation.,zynga poker watch video for free chips,For Mr. Touadéra, protection of the environment is among the interlocking challenges that countries must overcome.,The UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has described the CAR as “a fragile country” that has been devastated by years of conflict and faces both structural and economic challenges..

A meeting of UNRWA’s Advisory Commission in Amman, Jordan, on Thursday was called to discuss ways to secure the resources needed to keep the schools running.,To overcome these difficulties, he said his Government identified a number of priorities in the National Development Plan of Burundi, PND 2018-2027. He called the initiative “an ambitious and transformative program that can accelerate the process of socio-economic development.” ,More than half of those in need – nearly 4.3 million – are displaced, including about 2.5 million who have fled to neighbouring countries. In addition, there is growing food insecurity, as well as the threat of deadly diseases such as cholera and malaria.,mumbai indian losers.

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“Now, as they are living in the crowded shelters with poor-hygiene conditions, inadequate clean water and little knowledge to protect themselves, children are becoming much more vulnerable to diseases, including vaccine-preventable and water-borne diseases.”,mumbai indian live tv match,Above all, the UN chief said, “we need a serious political process to lead to a political solution because there was never a humanitarian solution for any humanitarian crisis. The solution has always been political and in Yemen what we need is a political solution for these pledging conferences not to be repeated in the future.”.

“World Tsunami Awareness Day is an opportunity to emphasize again the importance of disaster prevention and preparedness,” he said, “including early warning, public education, science to better understand and predict tsunamis, and development that takes account of risk in seismic zones and exposed coastal areas.”,“Third, and most important, coordination” of the emergency operation is vital, he noted.,mumbai indian losers,“Afghanistan is undergoing a terrible drought, the worst in many, many years and now over 5.5 million people are in in need of emergency relief,” said Mr. Lanzer, noting that in the past few weeks alone, more than a quarter million people have been fleeing their homes, “looking for any way to get by.”.

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With partners, IOM has been scaling up activities to meet the surge in returnees and ensure assistance upon their arrival, and in the longer-term – to readjust to their communities.  The programme also offers reintegration assistance for those returning from EU States.,“Violence, threats and intimidation” have marred the progress of humanitarian work, he said, including numerous abductions, and dozens of conflict-related slayings were reported last year alone.,In light of the scope and speed of displacement, UNHCR has declared a 'Level 3 Emergency' – the top level – for this crisis..

zynga poker watch video for free chips,To the people of Gaza Mr. Lapid underscored his desire to help them build a better life and economy, but “we only have one condition: Stop firing rockets and missiles at our children”.,He also cited strides in food production, making Brazil one of the world’s largest food exporters, as well as achievements in the area of sustainable development, including ensuring that more than 80 per cent of the Amazon Forest remains untouched and modernizing the biofuel industry..

The de facto authorities in Sana’a have a responsibility to take action against those involved in stealing – WFP spokesperson,At the outset of her mission, the senior UN relief official met with State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, discussing the importance of ending conflict and to strengthen peace and reconciliation efforts in Myanmar.,“We are committed to finding a stronger African voice in the Council”, he said, “and achieving a consensus driven, rule-based multilateral system.”.

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“This is why the Government of Mali reiterates its demand, expressed on numerous occasions, for a paradigm shift and an adaptation of MINUSMA to the environment in which it is deployed, and a better interlinking between this mission and the Malian authorities,” he said. ,mumbai indian live tv match,The powerful tropical cyclones, which struck Mozambique in quick succession this past March and April respectively, killed hundreds and impacted close to two million..

“This should be a clear guiding principle for all those working in the public and private sectors who have to take decisions on major infrastructure projects in seismic zones and near exposed coastlines,” he added.,Iran’s “great goal” is to dominate the region “under a nuclear umbrella”, he stated.,mumbai indian losers,Governments, the private sector, the airline industry, and others have been approached to free up freight space at an affordable cost, “and to work with us to find ways around the transport disruptions we face”, said UNICEF spokesperson Marixie Mercado..

“There is a real need for continued humanitarian assistance, especially when it comes to meeting the nutritional needs of mothers and young children,” he added.,mumbai indian losers,The development – announced by UN emergency relief chief Mark Lowcock - means that .6 million will be made available for the small Pacific island, where health providers have been reportedly overwhelmed.,“The HRP includes 1.2 million girls and boys, in the areas of health, water, sanitation and hygiene, food security, nutrition, protection, shelter and non-food items and education”, Peter Grohmann, Humanitarian Coordinator for Venezuela, said in the strategy’s foreword. .

Ms. De Mabior stressed that supporting a State’s ability to govern responsibly and effectively is essential.  It is also necessary to guard against what she called “the unintended consequences of dependency on humanitarian assistance.”,“And when a permanent member of the Security Council unleashes an unprovoked and unjustifiable war, condemned by the General Assembly, his suspension from the Security Council should be automatic”.,“We’ve still only 23 per cent of humanitarian programmes funded and we’re now in May,” Mr Egeland said, warning that there was “no cash …available to humanitarian actors” as “desperate, exhausted people arrive now every day in Idlib. There is no money for the operations.”,mumbai indian live tv match.

However, implementation of the peace deal is facing several challenges, “and sanctions imposed by international partners on individuals and entities are disservice to this course,” he said. ,nfl games betting odds,Two years after the international community outlined the changes that are needed to alleviate suffering, reduce risk and lessen vulnerability, Mr. Guterres said it was clear the call to bridge the humanitarian-development divide will take time and a diverse range of actors, including those outside the UN system.,In the past week the UN World Food Programme (WFP) delivered 1,470 metric tons of mixed food to 168,600 people through emergency school and institutional feeding and general food distribution. In central regions, it is collaborating with eight non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to support some 18,200 malnourished children and pregnant and lactating women..

“This is essential to ensure our work today helps make communities more resilient and better able to survive future crises,” she said.,IOM says their most basic needs like food and shelter are not being met because no humanitarian actors have yet to reach the areas where displaced people are arriving.,Without aid, numerous will have to remain in these hazardous locations and hundreds of thousands of others will also be at risk if roads become impassible, blocking access to aid supplies and medical services.,mumbai indian losers.

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“Like many of you, the US wants this war to end and end on just terms,” and urged UN Member States to be “clear and unwavering in your resolve” to uphold the tenets of the Charter that Ukraine has the same rights as any other sovereign nation. “We stand in solidarity against Russia’s aggression, period...you cannot seize another country’s territory by force. The only country doing that is Russia.”,“It is what we do at the domestic level that gives the measure of authority with which we act internationally.”,“These are linked to the deteriorating security situation, internal conflicts and inter-communal tensions,” the spokesperson maintained, saying that armed men are reported to be attacking villages, looting and burning houses, indiscriminately killing civilians and kidnapping young men and boys..

zynga poker watch video for free chips,Furthermore, the sheer scale of the crisis and the short period of time in which it unfolded has had a major impact on the topography of the area.,In his meeting with the Crown Prince, who is also First Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister, Mr. Guterres said “to give to those in need is a central pillar of Islam,” noting that two-thirds of the refugees are Muslims and are received by Muslim countries..

In Nepal, 1.7 million people, including 680,000 children, have been affected with 352,738 displaced from their homes. More than 185,126 homes have been damaged or destroyed in addition to 1,958 schools, affecting the education of 253,605 children.,Although huge advances have been made in the living conditions of those forced to flee Myanmar, including in disease outbreak prevention, improved water provision and stronger shelters, UNICEF warns that children in Cox’s Bazar face a bleak future.,During the height of Sierra Leone’s civil conflict as many as two million of the country’s six million citizens were displaced with some 490,000 fleeing to Liberia and Guinea..

The economic and political situation in Venezuela has caused an estimated 3.7 million Venezuelans to leave their homes for Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and other countries in the region.,“We have a choice – either we respect and defend the rules that we collectively have developed for generations and that have given us the longest period of peace in modern history or we accept that rules can be broken by the powerful, bringing us back to darker times of constant tensions and conflicts, with massive displacements, suffering and losses of human lives.,The latest numbers are an addition to more than 180,000 people who have sought refuge in the remote Kanzawi village in DRC’s northern province of Bas-Uele..

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Almost seven years into the Syrian conflict, Lebanon remains at the forefront of one of the worst humanitarian crises of our time — UNDP Administrator Achim Steiner,UNICEF already sent a first consignment of emergency supplies on Saturday. The 15-ton consignment, valued at 0,000, included four emergency health kits, five field hospital tents, obstetric kits, recreation kits and baby blankets, covering basic emergency medical needs for a population of 40,000 for three months.,500,000 people with community-led protection services.

zynga poker watch video for free chips,He described mass evacuations of civilians as “desperate measures in desperate times” adding that they had played their part in ending battles in urban areas in Syria.,World leaders must come together in 2016 to renew their commitments to humanity and unite to prevent and end crisis and reduce vulnerability, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today, telling UN Member States that the World Humanitarian Summit will provide an opportunity for "concrete steps towards ending the suffering experienced by billions of people today.".

According to news reports, the collapse of the dam created flash flooding conditions that swept through Attapeu province in south-eastern Laos, submerging villages and leaving more than 6,000 homeless.,People also struggle to access basic services, with a large portion of the population living without a reliable source of safe water and almost a quarter without basic sanitation facilities, contributing to serious health concerns.,The new report, Essential Nutrition Actions: mainstreaming nutrition throughout the life course, stresses the role of primary health care as the foundation of universal health coverage..

The UN Security Council is considering adopting a resolution that would establish a 30-day ceasefire across Syria. ,“It needs to be made clear to Iran, that if it advances its nuclear programme, the world will not respond with words, but with military force,” said the Prime Minister.,In the first two seasons of Awake At Night, Ms. Fleming (who formerly ran communications at the UN refugee agency UNHCR, and now heads up the Department of Global Communications at UN headquarters in New York), interviewed a wide array of people who willingly put themselves in danger, in order to help others..